Sika Latex® Bonding Agent and Mortar Admixture Available Now in Jamaica

CESCO Limited Jamaica is pleased to introduce Sika Latex to the Jamaican market.

One admixture for all your mortar works: Bonding Agent (coatings with less cracking and dusting), thin concrete floors (higher strength floor screeds with less dusting, high water and wear resistance), repair mortar (better chemical, corrosion and carbonization resistance), pointing and rendering mortar (increased adhesion, less cracks), roof works (improved resistance to freeze/ thaw cycles and erosion), tile adhesive and grout (low permeability, high flexibility)


SikaLatex® is used as bonding agent and site-mix mortar admixture for the following applications:

▪ Grouts and screeds ▪ Patch repair mortars ▪ Mansonry mortars ▪ Renders ▪ Tile adhesives ▪ Stucco and terrazzo


▪ Increased adhesion ▪ Reduced shrinkage and cracking ▪ Increased abrasion resistance ▪ Reduced permeability ▪ Improved workability ▪ ▪User friendly ▪ Suitable on most common construction substrates An admixture in mortar and concrete to improve adhesion, and achieve a denser surface ▪  Increases resistance to freeze/thaw cycling



The substrate shall be thoroughly clean, sound, free from dust, loose material, surface contamination and materials which reduce bond or prevent suction or wetting by cementitious materials. ▪ De-laminated, weak, damaged and deteriorated substrate shall be removed by suitable means before application. ▪ Rust, scale, dust and other loose and deleterious materials which reduces bond or contributes to corrosion shall be removed.

sika products in Jamaica WI


Mix SikaLatex® with the correct amount of water to produce a gauging solution. ▪ Pour part of the gauging solution into a suitable mixing container. ▪ While mixing slowly, add the mortar mix to the gauging solution and mix thoroughly until a smooth, uniform and lump-free mix is achieved. ▪ Within the mixing time add additional gauging solution to adjust to the desired consistency. ▪


Primer for acrylic coatings only

Apply diluted SikaLatex® to prepared concrete substrate (CSP-3) using brushes, rollers, soft brooms, or spray. ▪ SikaLatex® must be tack-free (film formation) prior to coating. ▪ SikaLatex® may be applied up to 24 hours ahead providing the area is kept dry and clean.

Bonding Agent

Brush slurry into area to be resurfaced with stiffbristled broom or scrub brush. ▪ ▪ Be sure entire surface and all edges are coated. Apply topping immediately over scrub coat before the bonding slurry dries.


Immediately trowel SikaLatex® mortar or concrete mixes applied in areas to be patched. ▪ ▪ Do not over-finish. As soon as finish will resist damage, cure with damp burlap and/or white pigmented polyethylene film. ▪ ▪ Curing should continue for 24 hours. ▪ Pre-testing is recommended


Never use pure SikaLatex® or SikaLatex®-water mix directly onto the substrate as bonding agent, always add cement and sand to the mix. ▪ Non-reemulsifiable. ▪ Does not produce a vapor barrier. Toppings must be applied immediately over SikaLatex® bonding grout. ▪ Do not apply solvents or solvent-based curing compounds to SikaLatex® mortar/ concrete. ▪ Do not use air-entraining cements when used as an admixture. ▪ ▪ Do not use for overlays. As with all cement based materials, avoid contact with aluminum to prevent adverse chemical reaction and possible product failure. Insulate potential areas of contact by coating aluminum bars, rails, posts etc. with an appropriate epoxy such as Sikadur® Hi-Mod 32.

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Sika MultiSeal – Self Adhesive Tape now in Jamaica

CESCO Limited is pleased to introduce to the Jamaican market the Sika line of products. In todays blog post we feature the Sika MultiSeal self adhesive tape.

This tape is very easy to apply and weather proof with aluminium foil on one side! This product is used for sealing and repairing against water ingress and draughts in roofs, building cracks bituminous felts and other types of roofing sheet.

Sika® MultiSeal is a self-adhesive, rubber modified bituminous sealing tape laminated with an aluminium foil on the upper side.

Sika® MultiSeal is designed for sealing and repairing applications against water ingress on roofs and any other building element.

The substrate must be clean, dry, sound and homogeneous, free from oils, grease, dust and loose or friable articles.

Cut the tape to the required length, remove the release film and press the tape firmly onto the substrate with a suitable roller. Overlaps must be minimum 5 cm. Adhesion performance can be improved by heating Sika® MultiSeal tape during application.

Clean all tools and application equipment immediately after use with Sika® Remover-208. Once cured, residual material can only be removed mechanically.

The upper side of Sika® MultiSeal can be overpainted with most conventional paint systems.
▪ Do not use Sika® MultiSeal on natural stone.
▪ Do not use Sika® MultiSeal for joints under water pressure or for permanent water immersion.
▪ Direct contact with joint sealants and adhesives must be avoided or compatibility must be tested prior to application.

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Sika MaxTack Jamaica

CESCO Limited Jamaica is pleased introduce the Sika line of products to the Jamaican market. Sika MaxTack Super Charged is an extremely fast curing grab adhesive which means items can be fixed in just 20 minutes eliminating the need for support – perfect for jobs where speed is of the essence. Delivers superb bonding strength in all weather conditions on a vast range of surfaces, even under water!

Sika MaxTack® is a multipurpose high strength, high initial grab adhesive for bonding building materials indoor and in sheltered outdoor areas.

Sika MaxTack® has strong adhesion on various porous materials such as concrete, mortar, fiber cement, wood and painted substrates or decorative pieces.
Sika MaxTack® is suitable to bond decorative parts as skirting board, wood frame, panel, terra cotta tile, anodised aluminium, hard PVC profiles, polystyrene moulding and panel, polystyrene ceiling tile, wood stick and moulding.

sika products in Jamaica

Advantages                                                                                                               Bonds decorative elements like

  • Easy to use and good workability                                                               Skirting boards
  • Powerful grab properties (green strength)                                                     Decorative mouldings
  • Odouress                                                                                                  Wood frames etc
  • Paintable with any emulsion waterborne paint
  • Good workability
  • Nail free fixing
  • For interior use on wall and ceiling
  • For sheltered outdoor use on wall (canopy, balcony)
  • Over paintable by an emulsion waterborne paint
  • Bonds to a wide range of substrates


Notes on Application /Limitations
– Before bonding, check for good adhesion and resistance of the paints by carrying out a trial on an inconspicuous area.
– Paints need to fully harden and must be compatible with the adhesive.If there is a doubt, carry out pre-trials or remove the paint by dry sanding.
– One of the two surfaces must be porous or absorbent otherwise adhesive will not cure.
– Pre-test for over paintability and paint compatibility are recommended. In case of over coating Sika MaxTack® the compatibility must be tested individually on cured adhesive after 24 hours curing at +20°C.
– Do not use on easy corroding substrates like mild steel, iron, etc.
– Application during high temperature changes are not recommended (movements during the curing).
– Service conditions need to be stable (humidity, temperature) and not exceed the adhesive and substrates resistance.
– Optimum bonding after 48 hours curing at +20°C.
Do not use on plastified PVC, PE, PP, Teflon, plaster, aerated concrete, brick, galvanised steel ,treated metals,
powder coatings, oven dried paints, marble, natural stones, bituminous substrates, natural rubber, chloroprene, EPDM ,building
materials which might bleed oils, plasticisers or solvent. and certain plasticized synthetic materials ( carry out pre-trials ).

Do not use Sika MaxTack® :
– as glass sealer and on mirror
– on floor or sanitary joints
– in joints with water immersion or permanent high relative air humidity
– for structural bonding.


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CESCO Supplies State Of The Art LED High-Bay Lights To Wisynco

Wisynco has risen from the ashes with the opening of the Sam Mahfood Distribution Centre on September 15. This comes only 16 months after their original Lakes Pen warehouse and distribution centre was ravaged by a fire. At the time many employees were worried about their jobs but Wisynco managed to retain all facility workers and remains committed to its mission, team members, and customers.

Andre Chambers, William Mahfood, Adrian Chambers and Randolph Chambers

The new warehouse, which is dedicated to the father of CEO Andrew Mahfood and one of Wisynco’s founders, the late Sam Mahfood, is approximately 360,000 square feet – 100,000 square feet larger than the previous facility. The size of the Sam Mahfood Distribution Centre, isn’t the only thing that has been upgraded: the new facility features fire prevention technology to readily prevent a blaze from escalating.

When asked, Andrew Mahfood described the new features as a way to prevent disasters from impacting their productivity.

“We have implemented an Early Suppression Fast Response fire system that will have a quicker response in the event such a disaster were to ever happen again,” said Mahfood. “We want to secure our distribution centre, while also ensuring that our team members are protected.”

The system has 4500 sprinklers, supported by a 2500 gallons per minute (GPM) fire pump and a 275,000-gallon water tank.

Outside of the precautionary system, there have also been changes to improve productivity. This includes the implementation of an automated inventory and order picking system, more efficient layout with flexible workstations, a 100% increase in loading docks, a 20% increase in illumination with state of the art LED high-bay lights that will place a 30% reduction in energy consumption from CESCO Limited Jamaica.

State of the art LED high-bay lights at Wisynco Warehouse

LED lights aren’t becoming common in just warehouses in Jamaica. Any space or facility that has high ceilings and requires illumination of 15 feet or more can benefit from LED lights from CESCO Limited Jamaica.  Arenas, loading docks and other industrial spaces are all starting to be illuminated by LED lights.

Here’s a closer look at what makes LED lights a better option that others on the local market.


With the high cost of electricity in Jamaica energy efficiency is often the number one factor for business and companies when they are looking at replacing their lighting, and energy savings is the biggest advantage that high bay LED lighting has over other types of lighting.


LED lights use less power than other lighting styles – significantly less. It isn’t uncommon for facilities to see a drastic reduction in their energy costs, sometimes as much as 80 percent. Even more can be saved if LED lights are paired with smart sensors.

State of the art LED high-bay lights at Wisynco Warehouse


High bay LED lights last, on average, ten times longer than other lighting options, including CFL and fluorescent lights. They also emit virtually no heat. In addition to having safety advantages, less heat generated means less cooling costs for a facility.


Not only are high bay LED lights long lasting, they are also incredibly durable. LED lights are close to damage-proof and require very little maintenance over their lifespan.


LED lights never have the flickering or gradual warm-up that you see in CFL or fluorescent lights. No matter how many times a LED light is turned on, there won’t be any flickering or light level variations.

High bay LED lights also distribute light more evenly than other lighting options. Many notice an increase in light uniformity with LED lights, less light distortion and minimal static buildup.



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Smart & Wi-Fi Bulbs in Jamaica

CESCO Limited Jamaica is pleased to introduce to the Jamaican marketplace the WiZ Connected Light. WiZ is the leading innovator of smart lighting technology, that comes with many features such as Scheduled Presets function enabling your smart lights to know your regular activity level throughout the day and night, which will automatically provide the most suitable light you need at that moment, delivered based on the time of day to enhance wellness and match your lifestyle.  When using voice controlled assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home, you will agree with us that this is a game changer.


It is well known that lighting affects health, especially mental health and serenity, and the new Scheduled Preset features control how a light behaves when you turn it on at any point over a 24-hour time period. Now you can deliver subtle lighting in your room as you awake in the morning, Daylight lighting in the living room in the afternoon, or a dim night light set for that middle-of-the-night trip for a drink of water in the kitchen.

wifi bulbs jamaica

Users can schedule these presets on the schedules menu of the Wiz app, which is available in the Apple App Store and Google Pay. The remote or voice activation with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa can be used to set up the system. Each room’s schedule is depicted with a clock face, making setup and customization pretty straight-forward. Simply tap on a Light mode icon to adjust the light brightness for any time of day, and hold the button down longer to change a phase’s start time or duration. Each room can have up to five unique light phases — it’s all up to the user.

If you find that your scheduled presets need some adjusting, you can change them easily and take advantage of any of the 64,000 shades of white and 16 million color choices that Wiz smart bulbs offer. Don’t want to go through the setup process? Wiz created some commonly used presets that are already installed in the system, so you can opt for this hassle-free solution instead.

Wiz’s smart lighting solutions are also compatible with many other Internet of Things (IoT) products for countless usage scenarios, allowing your lights to integrate seamlessly with the rest of your connected home.

Voice control and interoperability with other systems are available via Integrations with the most popular players including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant (and Google Home) and IFTTT, which can allow interconnection with other IoT products and thousands of usage scenarios, connecting your daily activities to your smart lights in a new way to enhance your lifestyle.

About WiZ

WiZ is the culmination of the latest lighting innovation and technologies from TAO Group, a French-Asian company established in 2004. After producing more than 80 million lights over the past 12 years, TAO is among the key players in the smart lighting industry with deployments in more than 25 countries. WiZ is one of the only connected lighting software platforms available for both consumers and professional markets. The cutting-edge WiZ ecosystem is managed by over 30 in-house electronic and software engineers who continue to improve, scale and enrich the open community through the WiZ Connected OEM Partnership Program.

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Electrical Items In Jamaica


CESCO Limited Jamaica provides electrical, building, lighting, data-comm and energy management solutions of the highest quality.

Hello! Welcome to CESCO Limited Jamaica. If you are looking for electrical, building, lighting, data-comm and energy management solutions of the highest quality, you have come to the right place! We are known as the industry’s preferred source.

CESCO Limited specializes in energy efficient lighting solutions, lighting maintenance and upgrades. We have also provided communication, electrical and data networking products since 1869.

Here at CESCO Limited, we believe in putting each customer first. We feel it is always important to listen to every one of our customers’ needs and determine the best solution based on their unique situation. Our success is completely based on the successes of our customers and our manufacturers. CESCO Limited understands each customer is interested in getting accurate information in a timely fashion so they are able to complete their project accurately and in a timely manner. We believe in providing turnkey solutions for our customers throughout the project to ensure their project is completed with accuracy. We are known for offering top of the line commercial and industrial products for quality work and easy installation. We also have a fleet of delivery vehicles leaving every morning to satisfy orders throughout the entire island of Jamaica.

We have been supplying high-quality electrical products to the market for nearly 50 years.  Our knowledge and experience in bringing cutting-edge technology to the market have made us the Preferred Source for all your solutions. CESCO Limited believes in national development which is why our Electrical Division is uniquely positioned with the World’s Leading Brands, the best solutions and exceptional service standards:

product solutionsPRODUCT SOLUTIONS
  •  Custom Built Switchgear
  •  Meter Centers
  •  Automatic Transfer Switches
  •  Electronic Repairs
  •  Electrical Cables
  •  Voices & Data Cable
  •  Electrical Accessories
contractor solutions
  •  Project Management
  •  Consultation
  •  Engineering
  •  After Sales Support
  •  Testing & Certification
  •  Logistics &  Sourcing
industry solutions
  •  Data Center
  •  Commercial Buildings
  •  Education
  •  Banking & Finance
  •  Government
  •  Healthcare & Hotels
  •  Electric Utilities
  •  Food & Beverage,  Oil & Gas

Electrical Items in Jamaica | Lighting

We don’t just sell lights, we consult, we plan, we design then we enlighten. Offering the latest technology in light CESCO Limited can help you cut your energy consumption drastically.

Our team of lighting professionals and local partners are aligned with international brands and manufacturers to bring solutions from design to installation to commissioning with consultancy at every critical stage to give you absolute assurance concerning your investment. It is the reason why major players in national development look to CESCO Limited Lighting Division for solutions. Whatever it is we can illuminate it.

Electrical Items in Jamaica | Energy Management

It costs to run your operation which is why we believe you should be able to measure your consumption to be aware what is the hugest demand allowing you to make precise decisions.

“If you cannot measure it, how then will you manage it?”  Energy costs are rising faster than ever before, making the reduction of energy consumption by businesses an increasingly more powerful competitive advantage.  CESCO Limited will help you take advantage of potential energy-saving opportunities through many various means.

We utilize the correct approach to carrying out an energy audit to measure your energy consumption for a given period.  After analyzing the data we pick the hugest demands of load and look at how we can reduce those loads using devices such as variable speed drives in the case of motors, daylight harvesting for lighting or even simple on/off timing switches.

Electrical Items in Jamaica | DataCom

CESCO Limited provides network connectivity for enterprise, data center, and residential applications, backed by the industry’s best service and support.  We ensure that our products and systems feature robust construction that reduces maintenance and downtime, and headroom that exceeds standards to boost network performance.

Owing to our rich industry experience, we provide construction, electrical, Datacom, lighting and energy management to our clients. our offered services are highly demanded in residential and commercial industries for various applications. we ensure that only optimum quality material and advanced techniques are used in the construction. further, we have sync with civil engineers who complete many projects and have wide knowledge about the market trend that helps us to provide accurate solutions for all the mine of the clients. moreover, we provide these services at market leading prices

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lightning protection for buildings in Jamaica West Indies

Crown Moulding Jamaica

How to Choose the Right Crown Molding in Jamaica

Crown molding is a type of trim used along the top of a wall for decorative purposes. It adds interest to the visual aesthetic of a room and makes practically any project look custom. Basically, crown molding is an excellent addition to any room, as long as you choose the right type.

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Moulding in Jamaica

Think About Your Ceiling Height

The height of your ceiling is the main factor in determining what size crown molding you should use. For low 8-foot ceilings, don’t choose crown molding much over 3-inches wide. If your molding is too large it will make the room seem even smaller than it already is. In a room with medium height ceilings between 9 and 10 feet tall, use molding between 4 ¼ and 6 inches. Crown molding of this size let’s you get a little more creative with its shape. For ceilings over 10 feet, it’s time for some serious custom action! This is where you can begin combining multiple pieces of trim for a great stacked look.

Crown Molding Materials in Jamaica

There are several types of crown molding, with the most common being wood, plaster, MDF and polyurethane. Wood is the most popular material used as it is readily available and can come in a variety of finishes. Be wary though, as wood can warp in humid conditions, is prone to termite (chi-chi) infestation. CESCO Limited supplies crown moulding in Jamaica that is made from fiber cement which is fire, water and termite resistant!


Crown moulding can be used to create ceiling medallions and decorative columns and pillars inside and outside the house. The decorative enhancement can be painted in gold or silver to give it a richer look. The ceiling medallion can be used to hang chandeliers or decorative light pieces. If the look you prefer is simpler, the moulding can be kept simple and painted white or the same color as the wall or ceiling.

An important thing to remember before going in for this home décor feature is if it would go well with the look and size of the home. Once a person opts for the colonial look, there may be a need to change the home furnishing. A better idea is to go for a crown moulding in Jamaica design that would go well with the existing furniture than vice versa if there is already furniture in place.

However, if a complete transformation is sought, there may be a need to change the furniture to suit the new home. Crown moulding designs come in classic to contemporary. Commonly seen designs are roles and petals, leaf motif, embossed wreaths, and vines. Simple designs include curves and accents without any pronounced motifs.

The fitting of the moulding requires precision and exact cuts. There is a specific formula that builders use to calculate the angles of the crown. Due to this, it is essential to get the work done by experienced craftsman who have both expertise and experience in the field.


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Home security systems in Trinidad and Tobago

Other than the craftsman, the material chosen for the moulding affects the look it gives. Ideally, it is better to go for good quality material that would not only enhance the look but also be more durable.

People can go for cheaper options if money is a constraint and still get the look they want. There are many online companies that custom make crown moulding and ship them to you as per the specifications given.

They have machines and technicians who do the job. They generally require the customers to consult the contractors and send in the design. Then the company makes the moulding and ships it to the location where the contractor can install it. These companies also have retail units that sell mouldings with general specifications.

If it is an accentuated colonial look that you want for the house, crown moulding is the right way to go. The feature adds on to the entire look of the home and transforms an ordinary place into one of elegance and grace.

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led flood lights in jamaica

When choosing it for your rooms, make sure to choose the right moulding depending on the room dimensions and ceiling height. Select the materials that are sturdy, dependable, and weather-proof. The world of home furnishing has undergone a revolutionary change with the advent of crown moulding.


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LED Bulbs in Grenada

LED (Light Emitting Diodes) are the latest and most exciting technological advancement in the lighting industry in Grenada. LEDs are small, solid light bulbs which are extremely energy efficient and long lasting. LEDs operate differently than traditional incandescent light bulbs. This makes LEDs bulbs in Grenada far more rugged and durable than traditional incandescent light bulbs. LED technology also offers many additional advantages over incandescent, neon and compact fluorescent lighting devices – such as exceptionally longer life span (60,000 hours), enormously lower energy usage which leads to lower JPS utility bills,(90% more efficient), reduced maintenance costs and higher safety. LED bulbs in Grenada are currently being used for a wide variety of applications such as: residential lighting, architectural lighting, automotive, warehouses, factories,  broadcasting, electronic instrumentation, entertainment and gaming, industrial automation and controls, traffic and safety & transportation.

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LED Bulbs Jamaica

Efficiency of LED Bulbs in Grenada

LEDs are extremely energy efficient and consume up to 90% less power than incandescent bulbs. Since LEDs use only a fraction of the energy of an incandescent light bulb there is a dramatic decrease in power costs. Also, money and energy is saved in maintenance and replacement costs due to the long LED lifespan.

Because of the low power usage of LEDs, they are becoming extremely popular for light sources in remote areas that use solar panels.

Although LEDs have a higher initial cost than incandescent and compact fluorescent light bulbs, the cost is quickly recouped over time in lower electricity costs.

Did You Know LED Bulbs Are Eco Friendly?

Eco-friendly: Another great benefit of using LED lights is that they are eco friendly! A regular incandescent light bulb contains many harmful elements like Mercury etc which are extremely harmful for the environment. An LED bulb on the other hand is made up of eco friendly toxin free material.

Longevity of LED Bulbs

LEDs have a lifespan of up to 60,000 hours compared to 1,500 hours for incandescent bulbs. An LED light will last over 7 years (constant use) before needing replacement. On average, LED bulbs last 10 times as long as compact fluorescent bulbs, and 133 times longer than typical incandescent bulbs. Long lifespan of LEDs will dramatically reduce maintenance costs and lower long-term operating costs compared to traditional incandescent and fluorescent tubes.

LED lifespan scenarios:

–         50,000 hours powered 4 hours/day  = 34 year lifespan

–         50,000 hours powered 8 hours/day  = 17 year lifespan

–         50,000 hours powered 24 hours/day = 6 year lifespan

Should I upgrade to LED bulbs in Grenada?

it is a good idea to upgrade the existing bulbs in your Grenadian home to newer energy-efficient LED bulbs. These bulbs are also becoming a sought-after option for commercial lighting because of their higher quality of illumination, better brightness, improved definition and lesser energy consumption when compared to their incandescent equivalents. They are also advantageous over energy-efficient CFL bulbs in terms of safety and environmental friendliness. This is because LED bulbs do not contain mercury as in CFL bulbs, which can lead to hazardous cleanup process if they break. Further, LED technology does not involve heat generation, which makes it safer to handle even when the bulbs areon. The cool operation allows them to last longer as well. High quality LED bulbs have a life expectancy of about 40,000 hours. Wholesale packs provide an economical solution to meet the lighting needs of the entire home. Most of these packs contain bulbs that can be fixed into existing sockets without installing new hardware. New homes have sockets that are especially designed for various types of LED lights.

Durability of LED Bulbs

LED Bulbs Jamaica

LEDs are solid state lighting devices that utilize semiconductor material instead of a filament or neon gas. An LED light is a tiny chip encapsulated in an epoxy resin enclosure, which makes LEDs far sturdier than traditional incandescent light bulbs or fluorescent tubes. Since LEDs don’t use fragile components such as glass and filaments, LEDs are able to withstand shock, vibration and extreme temperature.


Safety of LED Bulbs


Improved safety may be LED’s most important benefit

LED lights generate virtually no heat therefore they are cool to the touch and can be left on for hours without incident or consequence if touched. LED’s produce 3.4 btu’s/hour, compared to 85 for incandescent bulbs. In comparison, incandescent lighting expels 90% of the energy it consumes via heat, making the bulbs hot to the touch. LEDs reduce the potential for safety risks such as burns and fires.


LEDs are made from non toxic materials, unlike fluorescent lighting that uses mercury that may pose a danger to the environment. LED’s are also recyclable and considered “green” or Earth-Friendly.


LED lights are offered in a variety of base colors such as Red, Green, Blue and Amber. Because traditional incandescent light bulbs use filters to produce colors, they are extremely inefficient. LEDS can be blended together to produce millions of color options.



LEDs are poised to replace traditional incandescent light bulbs. LEDs are rapidly becoming the preferred lighting solution of both professionals and residential users. LED technology is continually advancing – producing brighter LED bulbs.  The U.S. Department of Energy hopes to reduce the electricity used for lighting by 50% by converting to LED based light sources.

Uses of LED in Grenada

LEDs are currently used for a wide variety of different applications in Grenada such as: residential lighting, aerospace industry, architectural, automotive, broadcasting, electronic instrumentation, entertainment and gaming, the military, traffic and transportation.  Since LEDs are focused lights they prove best at specific lighting tasks such as desk lamps, reading lights, night lights, security lights, spot lights, accent lights and lighting for signage.


How To Switch To LED Bulbs. There are only 4 easy steps you need to take:

1. Check your existing fitting. A few things to note are the size (as not all bulbs will fit), the current wattage (usually printed on the bulb- this allows you to measure the equivalent brightness in an LED) and the cap type (what bulb will fit in the fitting e.g GU10, GLS)

2. Order. Once you have chosen your bulb(s), you can order with confidence.

Longevity of LED Bulbs in Grenada

LED bulbs last a long time and compared to the life of a regular light bulb it seems like an eternity. A typical light bulb has a life of about 1500 hours max and an LED bulb? How does an operational expectancy of 100,000 hours sound? Yes, you read that right, LEDs can last almost 20 years! So go with your kids and buy one today because it’ll last till they go to college or even beyond that.

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LED Panel Bulbs in Grenada

The cost of electricity adds up fast for any business in Grenada especially with the recent hikes in oil prices. Take a look at what you have spent over the past year and you may be surprised. There are ways you can reduce that cost, and put that extra money back into the column of being a profit rather than a business expense. A viable solution is to install LED panel bulbs and get rid of those tube lights.

The fluorescents use a great deal of energy, and they burn up fast. They are annoying as they go out too because they flicker on and off. The lighting from them can be harsh one employees who work in that environment day after day. In fact, it could cause some to have chronic headaches. With LED panel bulbs in place, they can focus on work not be distracted with the light.

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Modernizing the home or office in Grenada with LED panel lights in place of old fluorescent ceiling lights is an easy and fast way to save on your electricity bills. Plus, the larger panels will provide a brighter environment and cut back on the time needed for regular maintenance. Here are eight of the practical benefits of installing this light option:

Great flexibility in design

LED panels lights make it possible to benefit from a point-like light source. This makes it possible for designers to create a kitchen or office layout that takes full adventure of the effects and shapes produced by the lights.

High brightness

One of the major plus points of the LED panel lights is the sealed design and high-quality reflective panels which result in a high level of brightness. Plus, the panels made with aluminum materials and photo-conductive plates are the preferred choice.

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Buy LED Panel Bulbs In Jamaica WI

Less heat dissipation

LEDs are known for their ability to dissipate a lot less heat which means power consumption is at a much lower level. With proper heat-dissipation little heat is noticed by those standing in small rooms in the home or office.

Long life usability

In theory these lights have the potential to last up to 100,000 hours. This means these light fittings have the potential to last up to 27 years if the lights are switched on for 7-8 hours per day.


panel lights in offices in Jamaica

For More Info On LED Bulbs, Read Article Below

An LED lamp is an electric light or light bulb for use in light fixtures that produces light using light-emitting diodes (LEDs). LED lamps have a lifespan and electrical efficiency which are several times greater than incandescent lamps, and are significantly more efficient than most fluorescent lamps, with some chips able to emit more than 300 lumens per watt (as claimed by Cree and some other LED manufacturers). The LED lamp market is projected to grow by more than twelve-fold over the next decade, from $2 billion in the beginning of 2014 to $25 billion in 2023, a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 25%.[5] As of 2016, LEDs use only about 10% of the energy an incandescent lamp requires.

Like incandescent lamps and unlike most fluorescent lamps (e.g. tubes and compact fluorescent lamps or CFLs), LEDs come to full brightness without need for a warm-up time; the life of fluorescent lighting is also reduced by frequent switching on and off.The initial cost of LED is usually higher. Degradation of LED dye and packaging materials reduces light output to some extent over time.

Some LED lamps are made to be a directly compatible drop-in replacement for incandescent or fluorescent lamps. An LED lamp packaging may show the lumen output, power consumption in watts, color temperature in kelvins or description (e.g. “warm white”), operating temperature range, and sometimes the equivalent wattage of an incandescent lamp of similar luminous output.

Most LEDs do not emit light in all directions, and their directional characteristics affect the design of lamps, although omnidirectional lamps which radiate light over a 360° angle are becoming more common in Grenada . The light output of single LED is less than that of incandescent and compact fluorescent lamps; in most applications multiple LEDs are used to form a lamp, although high-power versions (see below) are becoming available.

Did you know?

Modernizing the home or office in Grenada with LED panel lights in place of old fluorescent ceiling lights is an easy and fast way to save on energy. Plus, the larger panels will provide a brighter environment and cut back on the time needed for regular maintenance. Here are a few of the practical benefits of installing this light option:

Great flexibility in design

LED panels lights make it possible to benefit from a point-like light source. This makes it possible for designers to create a kitchen or office layout that takes full adventure of the effects and shapes produced by the lights.

High brightness

One of the major plus points of the LED panel lights is the sealed design and high-quality reflective panels which result in a high level of brightness. Plus, the panels made with aluminum materials and photoconductive plates are the preferred choice.

Less heat dissipation

LEDs are known for their ability to dissipate a lot less heat which means power consumption is at a much lower level. With proper heat-dissipation little heat is noticed by those standing in small rooms in the home or office.

Long life usability

In theory these lights have the potential to last up to 100,000 hours. This means these light fittings have the potential to last up to 27 years if the lights are switched on for 7-8 hours per day.

Popular Uses of LED Panels Lights In Grenada

Nowadays we can observe that it is more and more common to see the LED panel used in almost every industry. A LED panel is one kind of small display. It also can be a component of a larger display. In recent years it is becoming widely used in store signs, billboards, vehicles and many other areas in our life.

There are basically two types of LED panels including conventional panels and surface-mounted device panels. The two types are usually used in different aspects. The former kind is commonly seen and used on most outdoor screens and some indoor screens. The SMD technology is popular mainly in building most of the indoor screens on the market. Both of these two types have great uses in modern society.

Firstly, the LED panel can make contributions to energy saving by increasing the energy efficiency. These lights can do a favor to provide plenty of light without consuming much power. Also, these lamps can keep operational for a very long period and you may not need to replace them almost for years. So these new lights are really popular among companies. The traditional fluorescent tubes are gradually replaced by the LED displays which will draw much less electricity.

The LED lamp can provide light which has full spectrum as the white light has. But the spectra of a fluorescent lamp are not complete and some colors are not present. Thus clothing or makeup will appear different colors under the light. Some people will also feel tired in the eyes. The full spectra light produced by the LED lamp are the same with sunlight. The result is then much better.

LED lights can also help to reduce the consumption of natural resources because many companies will lower the power bills and save energy under the pressure of high initially installation costs of LED lighting.

LED Floodlights in Grenada West Indies

LED floodlights are soon evolving into popular options for indoor and outdoor lighting purposes among Grenadian consumers. These lights are extremely powerful and can be used to adequately to illuminate large open spaces like stadiums, parks, streets, school grounds or even football field. They are quite different from conventional halogen based lighting systems which is still a common fixture in people’s homes. And yet, LED floodlights offer a whole set of advantages that can make it more apt for long-term use compared to other traditional lights.

For starters, LED floodlights lasts up to 50,000 hours longer than conventional halogen bulbs, and this is a “huge” difference in terms of durability. This also means that they have to be replaced fewer number of times which will help consumers save on expenses, considerably, in the long run.

Another major benefit of using LED lights is that, it consumes less energy when compared to other lighting systems used for similar purposes. For instance, a cockpit LED flood light draws only about 20% of the power that is required to light up a 55 Watts halogen light. The light here mimics all the positive attributes of a halogen bulb and yet draws lesser amounts of energy to function, which is quite economical. This makes LED lights more eco-friendly than most other lighting systems.

LED floodlights are also comparatively brighter than most of the halogen lights, meaning, one can use fewer number of LED lights to illuminate the same place when compared to the halogens. Even though LED lights are more expensive, power costs involved in the long run will be considerably lower than the halogen lights. This will enable the user to recoup the initial investment much faster with a huge drop in the power bills.

Another major benefit that comes with using LED floodlights is, they can be directed to strike at a particular location with the help of intensified straight beams of light that they are capable of generating. On the other hand, halogen bulbs emit light in all directions, resulting in scattered and poor illumination.

LED lighting systems also employ a cooling mechanism where a ventilating gland is incorporated into the floodlights design. The gland is in charge of maintaining air pressure within the light to that of the outer environment. As a consequence, LED lights also emit low levels of heat when compared to traditional lights.

This means, the energy radiation from the device is optimally conserved even during freezing winters. This way the emission of harmful radiations like infra-red and ultra violet rays are effectively contained.

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Ajax Smart Home Security Systems in Trinidad

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Wireless security systems have done for Trinidadian homes and businesses what wireless internet did for computers. Modern technology has made it possible for security alarms in Trinidad to need less cables and cords. Wireless security alarms have several distinct advantages over their old-fashioned, cabled cousins.

How Security Alarms Work

Security alarms work by creating a circuit of electricity on points of entry on a building. Alarm components are attached to places like windows, exterior doors and other locations where someone would possibly try to enter or move through. The circuit closes when the door or window is closed or no movement is detected.

When the alarm is on, the circuit breaks if someone tries to enter or is detected in the area, and this break triggers the alarm. It can also trigger a call to a back to base alarm monitoring company.

The Difference Between Wired Security Alarms and Wireless Alarms in Trinidad

Regular, wired security alarms receive power and deliver information via electric cables. Wireless security systems perform exactly in the same manner as cabled security systems. However, they do so without the alarm’s detection devices having to use cables or cords to communicate to the central control panel.


Burglar Alarm system in Trinidad connects to your smartphone

The idea is the same as a system of wireless computers using a single wireless internet source. A wireless security system has a main control panel. This panel plugs into a phone jack and power outlet and is what the wireless security devices connect to.

Wireless alarm sensors are then installed near the points of entry at various locations around the building, focusing on potential areas of movement. These sensors send information to the main control panel. Communication between the monitoring devices and the panel takes place in a wireless alarm system through radio waves rather than by cables.

Ajax – a new generation of wireless security systems in Trinidad, which are reliable as wired solutions.

The Ajax Smart Home Security System is easy to install and synchronize it with the app, to monitor what is happening from anywhere in the world. If you connect Ajax to a central monitoring station, then a mobile guard team will arrive on the alarm. Ajax has lightspeed reaction — it instantly informs about the first signs of intrusion, flooding or fire.

Ajax ecosystem includes several types of sensors that provide multi layered protection. They’re controlled by Hub — Ajax intelligent security center. One hub can work with up to 100 devices simultaneously. The backup battery life is up to 10 hours.

A harmony
of high-end components and technology

When we built Ajax from the ground up, we made it a point never to compromise.

Ajax uses only the best available components encased in a finely crafted body. Combined with their patented technologies, this allows Ajax to offer unsurpassed quality of performance and security.

Wired vs. Wireless Alarm Systems (Trinidad): What are the Advantages?

Wireless alarms have been around for well over a decade. Like any emerging technology, it has taken some time to catch on with consumers. However, due to current & future improvements in range, reliability, battery life and cost, it’s likely that wireless security systems will one day become the norm much as wireless Internet has.

Wireless security alarms have many benefits compared to a wired alarm system. Some of these advantages include:

1) Easier Installation: It’s relatively simple to add wireless sensors to doors, windows and rooms. This is handy if you ever add on to your building at a later time and need to install new sensors or decide to increase your security coverage.

2) Cheaper Cost of Labor: Installation time of wireless security alarms is drastically reduced compared to traditional alarms. Houses or commercial buildings that don’t have cabled security systems built in already can present installation challenges since cables may have to pulled through existing walls and floors. Wireless security alarms, on the other hand, can be installed non-invasively since the signal passes through walls and other obstacles.

The Ajax StarterKit has everything you need to protect your premises in Trinidad. Sensitive detectors monitor the motion inside, while a powerful hub connects them to the outside world.

A wide range of security products are available to integrate into the Ajax ecosystem, enhancing the protection of the Ajax StarterKit for your Trinidadian home. Contact us today

3) More Resistant to Damage: Exposed cables are more vulnerable to accidental damage in normal building use, and especially during later renovations where walls are knocked down or electrical work needs to be done. Wireless security systems have less problems on this line since there are no cables between the moitoring devices and the control panel.

4)Portability: Planning on moving in the future? With wireless alarms, you can take many of the components with you to your new home, whereas this would be impractical with normal security alarms.

5) Wireless Access: Since the master Control Panel itself is wireless enabled, one can arm/disarm the alarm with a key fob, much like the one you use to lock your car. Night mode or a duress signal can also be activated remotely by such a device.

And, a more fully featured remote keypad (for use in the house next to your bed for example) is also available.

Using their passion for combining art with technology, Ajax has created a super-reliable, elegant, easy-to-install and user friendly security system for Trinidad and the rest of the world.

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