Author: Randy C

Generators in Jamaica Podcast

In today’s’ podcast we talk about the benfits of the Eneraque generator. Over the past 35+ years Eneraque have successfully provided project specific end-to-end power generation solutions that include turnkey energy products, leading edge generators, gas management services, quality pumps as well as power and lighting for greenfield, brownfield, commercial and industrial sites. Source: Eneraque […]

Smoke Alarms

Do you know that 65% of all home fire deaths happen, in homes which either have no smoke alarm or the smoke alarm that are present are not working. In these modern times we are surrounded by electronic gadgets wherever we go. Jamaican consumers have gotten tech savvy with the latest smartphones, the internet of things, smart TVs, smart light switches […]

LED Flat Panel

Modernizing the home or office in Jamaica with LED panel lights in place of old fluorescent ceiling lights is an easy and fast way to save on your Jamaica Public Service utility bills. Plus, the larger panels will provide a brighter environment and cut back on the time needed for regular maintenance. Here are eight […]

Occupancy Sensors

Sensors maximize energy savings by ensuring that lights are turned off or to a lower level when spaces are unoccupied or adequate daylight exists. WattStopper’s sensors provide convenient automatic-on or manual-on control and are packed with innovative features and options. Many models are available in line or low voltage, and wireless options, for flexibility in […]

Response To COVID-19

Cesco’s Response To The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic. The Board of Directors, Management and Staff of CESCO Ltd extends best wishes to you our invaluable customers and safety for your families and team members during the passage of the CORONAVIRUS “COVID 19’.  In response to the various measures put in place by the Government of Jamaica to mitigate […]

Lighting Control Systems in Jamaica

nLight Lighting Controls Platform The nLight® platform of products enables ease in specification, installation, and ownership, making it the go-to digital lighting controls platform for specifiers, contractors, and building owners. How It Works nLight® is a sensor-based digital lighting controls solution that offers wired and wireless lighting controls that easily connect luminaires, sensors, and other […]

TBAR LED Jamaica

CESCO Limited Jamaica is pleased to intorduce the TBAR LED by JLC-Tech to the Jamaican marketplace. LED technology has now saturated the lighting industry, creating an enormous change in available lighting products. The market is flooded with LED lighting fixtures that re-create the old 2’x2’and 2’x4′ troffer and round down lights, resulting in LED designs that look just like […]

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