Interior Sheets

UltraCem Interior Sheets

Ceilings – Ultracem Interior Sheets can be safely used in residential, and in commercial or institutional buildings where there is low traffic. Due to the nature of their components; Ultracem interior walls are perfect to be used in high transit areas exposed to high risk of damage.

Dry Interior Walls – Most suitable for those areas not exposed to moisture. They usually serve as divisions on walkways, rooms, and other dry areas.

Wet Interior Walls – Most suitable for those areas that are temporarily or permanently exposed to moisture – such as laundry rooms, bathrooms, sinks, kitchens, etc.


OurUltraCem interior sheets are all backed by the competitive pricing and excellent customer services that you should expect from Cesco Jamaica. Get in touch today.

Ultracem Interior Sheets are made of reinforced cement with mineralized fibers. Our interior sheets are lightweight, practical and versatile making it easy to transport and work with. Use Ultracem interior sheets for divisions, repairs, expansions, redesigns, and much more. These advantages allows for quick and simple installation with no complications.


  • They may be cut, sanded, nailed, perforated, and screwed with conventional tools
  • They provide isolation from noise and heat
  • They accept all types of finishes
  • Interior or exterior use
  • Water, fire and termite resistant
  • Proven savings in installation time
  • Clean work with no sand or cement
  • Residential and commercial uses
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