Spanning across three generations our brand CESCO has been synonymous with exceptional products, competitive prices and superior service standards strongly supporting national development in almost every industry for over fifty years.

Established in 1968 our reputation for offering the right solutions and being aligned with major brands to serve the myriad of existing industrial, manufacturing and construction demands repositioned us as the “Industry’s Preferred Source” for Electrical Solutions giving birth to the brand C.E.S.C.O. The company in this same year was incorporated under the acronym “CESCO”.

Today CESCO LIMITED offers an even more comprehensive suite of solutions throughout Jamaica and within the Caribbean regions in our five Divisions: Electrical, Building, Lighting, Datacomm and Energy.

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Moulding Types

Mouldings are used as a transition from one surface to another. For this reason, contractors often implement them to make a final style statement for the interior of homes. 

There are various types of moulding, including:

  • Ceiling/Crown Moulding — Creates a transition from wall to ceiling and truly brings the room together. 
  • Casing — A standard moulding found in most homes, used to conceal the gap between drywall and a door or window frame. 
  • Chair Rail — Protects walls from furniture damage. 
  • Baseboard Moulding — Baseboards create the transition from wall trim and the floor. 
  • And much more!

There are many reasons why you should choose CESCO mouldings over the competition.




ECO-Friendly (Contains NO hazardous materials such as asbestos)

Water & Termite Resistant

Totally Water & Termite Resistant

Interior & Exterior Application

Our Mouldings can be used for interior and exterior applications.

Simple & Quick

Simple and quick installation.

Can Use Conventional Tools

They can be cut, sanded, nailed, screwed and drilled using conventional carpentry tools.

Ready to Paint

Mouldings can be painted, stained, varnished or stained with wood like finishes.


It is important for contractors to have all the moulding sizes they need for a successful project. This is why CESCO aims to provide a wide array of size options to choose from, including:


2″ X 6’6″
3″ X 6’6″
4″ X 6’6″
5″ X 6’6″
6″ X 6’6″


3″ X 6’6″
2″ X 6’6″
3″ X 6’6″



3″ X 6’6″
4″ X 6’6″
3″ X 6’6″
4″ X 6’6″
5″ X 6’6″

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At CESCO, our goal to make your building project as simple as possible. We provide the construction solutions you need to succeed, and our moulding options are second to none. If you are a contractor who requires the best construction products on the market, look no further than working alongside us today! 

Contact us for more information on what we have to offer, and check out our other products to enhance the quality and look of your projects!

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