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On September 9, 2017 the headline in the Jamaica Gleaner was “Jamaican Air Space Closed After Lightning Strikes Radar Equipment.” This was the second day that flights into the island had been cancelled, following the damage to the radar/communication system operated by air traffic controllers by lightning which was as a result of hurricane Irma.

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Why do we need lightning protection in Jamaica?

Lightning is one of nature’s most powerful and destructive phenomena and its discharges contain awesome amounts of electrical energy and have been measured from several thousand amps to over 200,000 amps – enough to light half a million 100 watt bulbs! Even though a lightning discharge is of a very short duration (typically 200 microseconds) it is a very real cause of damage and destruction to properties, trees,livestock, electrical appliances and human lives in Jamaica and around the world.

The effects of a direct strike are obvious and immediately apparent however, the secondary effects of lightning – the short duration, high voltage spikes called transient overvoltages can, and do, cause equally catastrophic, if less visually obvious, damage to the electronic systems inside a building.

The recent disruption to air traffic control by a lightning strike in Jamaica’s airspace which also affected other countries, has lead to an increase in requests from Cesco Limited for lightning protection equipment. Cesco Limited which has been a partner with ERICO®, for many years is pleased to offer one of the best lightning protection solution in Jamaica West Indies. ERICO®, with its 25 years of experience in the development of a diverse range of lightning protection solutions, now solves this problem of lightning strikes in Jamaica with the ERITECH® Isolated Downconductor. By applying a high performance insulation around the downconductor, the same isolation as 1000 mm of air separation can be provided. The advantage is that this downconductor can be mounted directly on the mast or structure to be protected – without electrification!

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