A Personal Injury Lawyer  in Jamaica Talks about Poor Lighting

Personal injury lawyer in JamaicaWhen we visit a place of business, whether it is one of the hotel, a restaurant, or the corner gas station we expect that the inside of the business will be well-lighted and, if we visit at night, we expect the parking area to be well-lighted as well. The vast majority of the time this is just what we find. But ask a personal injury lawyer in Jamaica what they see and you might get a different picture.
But what about when the lighting is there but there are shadows covering some parts of a walkway, or perhaps the parking lot has a few lights that are not working which makes it hard to see things like speed bumps or potholes in the pavement? And what happens if you should trip over something that you didn’t see, or what happens if someone hits you with their car because they couldn’t see you walking to your car in the parking lot because the lights in the parking lot were not working?

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A Little Light on the Subject

As a customer at a store, visitor at a hospital, or user of public sidewalks, you have the right to expect that any area that you could visit, walk on, or drive upon should be properly maintained to insure your safety. If you should fail to see something and trip over it because of bad lighting, the person or persons that failed to make sure that there was adequate light provided may be liable for any injuries that you sustain.

Accidents are frequently the result of improper lighting. For example, if a person is walking in a store, apartment, office building, parking lot, or other public place that is without light, he may not be able to tell where to place his or her foot next, leading to a fall. In addition thereto, inadequate lighting often leads to criminal activity on the premises. These cases are known as negligent or inadequate security cases and with the escalation of crime in Jamaica it is important fr business to have adequate lighting to protect their property and also their customers.
The owner or operator of a business or a piece of property that is open to the public has the responsibility to make sure that access to any portion that a visitor might be expected to enter is maintained in a way that insures a visitor’s safety. Just as placing a “Slippery When Wet” sign on a floor that is being cleaned is necessary to warn that a safety hazard is present, if an area is too dark to be safely entered there is a duty to restrict entry into that area by placing some barrier to entry or by placing a warning sign in an area where it could be clearly seen.
The same right to safe usage or safe passage exists even if the responsibility for that safety lies with a city or county streets and roads department. The responsibility for maintaining well-lit and safe streets is made more important because traffic may be moving much faster than expected. If a driver cannot see a danger ahead because of poor lighting from street lights that are not working and an accident occurs, the party responsible for maintaining streetlights may be held legally liable for any damages that might occur.
The duty to provide adequate lighting extends to private homes as well. If a visitor, even if that visitor is a best friend, trips or falls because poor lighting made it difficult to see an object, then the homeowner may be held responsible for any injuries that occurred.

Proper Lighting Requirements

Business owners and landlords in Jamaica West Indies have a duty to make sure that their property is reasonably safe. This duty extends to common areas, parking lots and other areas open to the public including playgrounds, offices and storefronts. The duty includes not only maintaining the physical structure of the property in a safe manner, but also to provide appropriate lighting and security to protect guests and visitors from dangers that might exist from third parties.

Why You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer In Accidents Due To Poor Visibility

If you have been injured in an accident in Jamaica where poor lighting may have been involved, you should talk with a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. An experienced personal injury lawyer will review the facts of your case and advise you about the possibility that you might have a claim against the party whose responsibility it was to provide a safe environment for you.
Inadequate lighting premises liability claims may be filed against property owners, small businesses, large corporations, individual employers, governmental entities, municipalities, and landlords. As we say here in Jamaica, if America catches a cold, then Jamaica sneezes so don’t be too alarmed if you see a customer who has hired an attorney to sue your company or place of business due to an accident that they had which was as a result of inadequate lighting when they came to your business.

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