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Case Overview

At Cesco Limited, our seasoned team has been meeting the needs of electrical & building contractors and the construction industry has been the core of our business since it’s establishment.  Our dedicated Team of Project Managers will ensure that we keep abreast of your project deadlines and ensure that every solution provided is delivered in the quickest possible time.

To use an analogy that everyone can relate to, our team has a Key Performance Indicators before them, in “many different projects”, and they are constantly monitoring the schedule of every shipment or order to ensure an on time delivery.

On time & in full

  1. We promise to delivery your order on or before the proposed delivery date.
  2. Every order is tracked to ensure we deliver a complete solution.
  3. Any delays beyond our control will be shared promptly to ensure the customer is aware.

Case Overview

Our affiliated company handles our brokerage & logistics.  Since this is done in house we are able to offer much better lead time on imported equipment to our clients.

To use an analogy that everyone can relate to, our seasoned team has “seen the movie” before, in “many different theaters”, and they are here and willing to handle your Logistics and make the process seamless for clearance of imported goods.

Brokerage services include

  1. Worldwide freight costs to Kingston
  2. Asycuda Entry preparation
  3. Clearance & delivery of goods to site

Case Overview

To use an analogy that everyone can relate to, our seasoned team has “been there done that” before, with over 100 years of combined experience we can offer professional advice to clients & contractors to help then save on time and money.

Wisdom and capabilities

  1. Electrical Design
  2. Control Design
  3. Custom Built Switchgear
  4. Generator Sizing


Case Overview

Commissioning the process of ensuring that all systems and components are designed, installed, tested, operated, and maintained according to the established plan requirements.

When we supply a generator to a project we ensure that we back the manufacturers warranty by ensuring our unit is installed and operated as it should be.

We commission

  1. Diesel Generators
  2. Variable Frequency Drives
  3. Automatic Transfer Switches
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