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Sika® Mantle APP 3.0 Smooth – Polyester

Modified asphalt prefabricated membrane for hot climates or high temperatures of APP (Polypropylene Atactic) of 3.0mm thickness, with polyester reinforcement and smooth red, white or green finish .

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▪ Cleaning and speed in its application.
▪ Resists moderate pedestrian traffic, the weather and the aggressive attack of the atmosphere.
▪ Use in any type of climate.
▪ Improves the appearance of the surfaces where it is applied.
▪ Excellent flexibility that allows it to support structural movements.
▪ It is non-toxic and does not contain solvents.

As a waterproofing of horizontal surfaces: roofs, roofs or any structure of concrete, mortar, asbestos and galvanized sheet. As decorative coating and protector of concrete or mortar structures.

Presentation / Performance: Roll of 10 x 1 m.
Thickness – Reinforcement
3.0mm – Polyester

Finish:  Smooth Red, White and Green

For more info contact CESCO Limited at 876-926-7252

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