Sika MultiSeal – Self Adhesive Tape now in Jamaica

sika multiseal tape in Jamaica west indies

CESCO Limited is pleased to introduce to the Jamaican market the Sika line of products. In todays blog post we feature the Sika MultiSeal self adhesive tape.

This tape is very easy to apply and weather proof with aluminium foil on one side! This product is used for sealing and repairing against water ingress and draughts in roofs, building cracks bituminous felts and other types of roofing sheet.

Sika® MultiSeal is a self-adhesive, rubber modified bituminous sealing tape laminated with an aluminium foil on the upper side.

Sika® MultiSeal is designed for sealing and repairing applications against water ingress on roofs and any other building element.

The substrate must be clean, dry, sound and homogeneous, free from oils, grease, dust and loose or friable articles.

Cut the tape to the required length, remove the release film and press the tape firmly onto the substrate with a suitable roller. Overlaps must be minimum 5 cm. Adhesion performance can be improved by heating Sika® MultiSeal tape during application.

Clean all tools and application equipment immediately after use with Sika® Remover-208. Once cured, residual material can only be removed mechanically.

The upper side of Sika® MultiSeal can be overpainted with most conventional paint systems.
▪ Do not use Sika® MultiSeal on natural stone.
▪ Do not use Sika® MultiSeal for joints under water pressure or for permanent water immersion.
▪ Direct contact with joint sealants and adhesives must be avoided or compatibility must be tested prior to application.

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