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smart bulbs in Jamaica

CESCO Limited Jamaica is pleased to introduce to the Jamaican marketplace the WiZ Connected Light. WiZ is the leading innovator of smart lighting technology, that comes with many features such as Scheduled Presets function enabling your smart lights to know your regular activity level throughout the day and night, which will automatically provide the most suitable light you need at that moment, delivered based on the time of day to enhance wellness and match your lifestyle.  When using voice controlled assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home, you will agree with us that this is a game changer.

It is well known that lighting affects health, especially mental health and serenity, and the new Scheduled Preset features control how a light behaves when you turn it on at any point over a 24-hour time period. Now you can deliver subtle lighting in your room as you awake in the morning, Daylight lighting in the living room in the afternoon, or a dim night light set for that middle-of-the-night trip for a drink of water in the kitchen.

wifi bulbs jamaica

Users can schedule these presets on the schedules menu of the Wiz app, which is available in the Apple App Store and Google Pay. The remote or voice activation with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa can be used to set up the system. Each room’s schedule is depicted with a clock face, making setup and customization pretty straight-forward. Simply tap on a Light mode icon to adjust the light brightness for any time of day, and hold the button down longer to change a phase’s start time or duration. Each room can have up to five unique light phases — it’s all up to the user.

If you find that your scheduled presets need some adjusting, you can change them easily and take advantage of any of the 64,000 shades of white and 16 million color choices that Wiz smart bulbs offer. Don’t want to go through the setup process? Wiz created some commonly used presets that are already installed in the system, so you can opt for this hassle-free solution instead.

Wiz’s smart lighting solutions are also compatible with many other Internet of Things (IoT) products for countless usage scenarios, allowing your lights to integrate seamlessly with the rest of your connected home.

Voice control and interoperability with other systems are available via Integrations with the most popular players including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant (and Google Home) and IFTTT, which can allow interconnection with other IoT products and thousands of usage scenarios, connecting your daily activities to your smart lights in a new way to enhance your lifestyle.

About WiZ

WiZ is the culmination of the latest lighting innovation and technologies from TAO Group, a French-Asian company established in 2004. After producing more than 80 million lights over the past 12 years, TAO is among the key players in the smart lighting industry with deployments in more than 25 countries. WiZ is one of the only connected lighting software platforms available for both consumers and professional markets. The cutting-edge WiZ ecosystem is managed by over 30 in-house electronic and software engineers who continue to improve, scale and enrich the open community through the WiZ Connected OEM Partnership Program.

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