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SikaLatex® is an acrylic-polymer latex that is used as admixture for cementitious bonding bridges and high quality site-mix mortars.

SikaLatex® is used as bonding agent and site-mix mortar admixture for the following applications:
▪ Grouts and screeds ▪ Patch repair mortars ▪ Mansonry mortars ▪ Renders ▪ Tile adhesives ▪ Stucco and terrazzo

▪ Increased adhesion ▪ Reduced shrinkage and cracking ▪ Increased abrasion resistance ▪ Reduced permeability ▪ Improved workability ▪ User friendly ▪ Suitable on most common construction substrates ▪ An admixture in mortar and concrete to improve adhesion,and achieve a denser surface ▪▪ Increases resistance to freeze/thaw cycling

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The substrate shall be thoroughly clean, sound, free from dust, loose material, surface contamination and materials which reduce bond or prevent suction or wetting by cementitious materials.

De-laminated, weak, damaged and deteriorated substrate shall be removed by suitable means before application.
Rust, scale, dust and other loose and deleterious materials which reduces bond or contributes to corrosion shall be removed.

Mix SikaLatex® with the correct amount of water to produce a gauging solution.
Pour part of the gauging solution into a suitable mixing container.
While mixing slowly, add the mortar mix to the gauging solution and mix thoroughly until a smooth, uniform and lump-free mix is achieved.
Within the mixing time add additional gauging solution to adjust to the desired consistency.

Primer for acrylic coatings only Apply diluted SikaLatex® to prepared concrete substrate (CSP-3) using brushes, rollers, soft brooms, or spray.
SikaLatex® must be tack-free (film formation) prior to coating.
SikaLatex® may be applied up to 24 hours ahead providing the area is kept dry and clean.

Bonding Agent
Brush slurry into area to be resurfaced with stiffbristled broom or scrub brush.
Be sure entire surface and all edges are coated. Apply topping immediately over scrub coat before the bonding slurry dries.

Immediately trowel SikaLatex® mortar or concrete mixes applied in areas to be patched.
Do not over-finish.
As soon as finish will resist damage, cure with damp burlap and/or white pigmented polyethylene film.
Curing should continue for 24 hours.
Pre-testing is recommended

Never use pure SikaLatex® or SikaLatex®-water mix directly onto the substrate as bonding agent, always add cement and sand to the mix.
Does not produce a vapor barrier.
Toppings must be applied immediately over SikaLatex® bonding grout.
Do not apply solvents or solvent-based curing compounds to SikaLatex® mortar/ concrete.
Do not use air-entraining cements when used as an admixture.
Do not use for overlays.
As with all cement based materials, avoid contact with aluminum to prevent adverse chemical reaction and
possible product failure. Insulate potential areas of contact by coating aluminum bars, rails, posts etc. with an appropriate epoxy such as Sikadur® Hi-Mod 32.

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