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How to Choose the Right Crown Molding in Jamaica

Crown molding is a type of trim used along the top of a wall for decorative purposes. It adds interest to the visual aesthetic of a room and makes practically any project look custom. Basically, crown molding is an excellent addition to any room, as long as you choose the right type.

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Think About Your Ceiling Height

The height of your ceiling is the main factor in determining what size crown molding you should use. For low 8-foot ceilings, don’t choose crown molding much over 3-inches wide. If your molding is too large it will make the room seem even smaller than it already is. In a room with medium height ceilings between 9 and 10 feet tall, use molding between 4 ¼ and 6 inches. Crown molding of this size let’s you get a little more creative with its shape. For ceilings over 10 feet, it’s time for some serious custom action! This is where you can begin combining multiple pieces of trim for a great stacked look.

Crown Molding Materials in Jamaica

There are several types of crown molding, with the most common being wood, plaster, MDF and polyurethane. Wood is the most popular material used as it is readily available and can come in a variety of finishes. Be wary though, as wood can warp in humid conditions, is prone to termite (chi-chi) infestation. CESCO Limited supplies crown moulding in Jamaica that is made from fiber cement which is fire, water and termite resistant!

Crown moulding can be used to create ceiling medallions and decorative columns and pillars inside and outside the house. The decorative enhancement can be painted in gold or silver to give it a richer look. The ceiling medallion can be used to hang chandeliers or decorative light pieces. If the look you prefer is simpler, the moulding can be kept simple and painted white or the same color as the wall or ceiling.

An important thing to remember before going in for this home décor feature is if it would go well with the look and size of the home. Once a person opts for the colonial look, there may be a need to change the home furnishing. A better idea is to go for a crown moulding in Jamaica design that would go well with the existing furniture than vice versa if there is already furniture in place.

However, if a complete transformation is sought, there may be a need to change the furniture to suit the new home. Crown moulding designs come in classic to contemporary. Commonly seen designs are roles and petals, leaf motif, embossed wreaths, and vines. Simple designs include curves and accents without any pronounced motifs.

The fitting of the moulding requires precision and exact cuts. There is a specific formula that builders use to calculate the angles of the crown. Due to this, it is essential to get the work done by experienced craftsman who have both expertise and experience in the field.


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Other than the craftsman, the material chosen for the moulding affects the look it gives. Ideally, it is better to go for good quality material that would not only enhance the look but also be more durable.

People can go for cheaper options if money is a constraint and still get the look they want. There are many online companies that custom make crown moulding and ship them to you as per the specifications given.

They have machines and technicians who do the job. They generally require the customers to consult the contractors and send in the design. Then the company makes the moulding and ships it to the location where the contractor can install it. These companies also have retail units that sell mouldings with general specifications.

If it is an accentuated colonial look that you want for the house, crown moulding is the right way to go. The feature adds on to the entire look of the home and transforms an ordinary place into one of elegance and grace.

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When choosing it for your rooms, make sure to choose the right moulding depending on the room dimensions and ceiling height. Select the materials that are sturdy, dependable, and weather-proof. The world of home furnishing has undergone a revolutionary change with the advent of crown moulding.

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