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Electrical items

CESCO Limited Jamaica provides electrical, building, lighting, data-comm and energy management solutions of the highest quality.

Hello! Welcome to CESCO Limited Jamaica. If you are looking for electrical, building, lighting, data-comm and energy management solutions of the highest quality, you have come to the right place! We are known as the industry’s preferred source.

CESCO Limited specializes in energy efficient lighting solutions, lighting maintenance and upgrades. We have also provided communication, electrical and data networking products since 1869.

Here at CESCO Limited, we believe in putting each customer first. We feel it is always important to listen to every one of our customers’ needs and determine the best solution based on their unique situation. Our success is completely based on the successes of our customers and our manufacturers. CESCO Limited understands each customer is interested in getting accurate information in a timely fashion so they are able to complete their project accurately and in a timely manner. We believe in providing turnkey solutions for our customers throughout the project to ensure their project is completed with accuracy. We are known for offering top of the line commercial and industrial products for quality work and easy installation. We also have a fleet of delivery vehicles leaving every morning to satisfy orders throughout the entire island of Jamaica.

We have been supplying high-quality electrical products to the market for nearly 50 years.  Our knowledge and experience in bringing cutting-edge technology to the market have made us the Preferred Source for all your solutions. CESCO Limited believes in national development which is why our Electrical Division is uniquely positioned with the World’s Leading Brands, the best solutions and exceptional service standards:

product solutionsPRODUCT SOLUTIONS
  •  Custom Built Switchgear
  •  Meter Centers
  •  Automatic Transfer Switches
  •  Electronic Repairs
  •  Electrical Cables
  •  Voices & Data Cable
  •  Electrical Accessories
contractor solutions
  •  Project Management
  •  Consultation
  •  Engineering
  •  After Sales Support
  •  Testing & Certification
  •  Logistics &  Sourcing
industry solutions
  •  Data Center
  •  Commercial Buildings
  •  Education
  •  Banking & Finance
  •  Government
  •  Healthcare & Hotels
  •  Electric Utilities
  •  Food & Beverage,  Oil & Gas

Electrical Items in Jamaica | Lighting

We don’t just sell lights, we consult, we plan, we design then we enlighten. Offering the latest technology in light CESCO Limited can help you cut your energy consumption drastically.

Our team of lighting professionals and local partners are aligned with international brands and manufacturers to bring solutions from design to installation to commissioning with consultancy at every critical stage to give you absolute assurance concerning your investment. It is the reason why major players in national development look to CESCO Limited Lighting Division for solutions. Whatever it is we can illuminate it.

Electrical Items in Jamaica | Energy Management

It costs to run your operation which is why we believe you should be able to measure your consumption to be aware what is the hugest demand allowing you to make precise decisions.

“If you cannot measure it, how then will you manage it?”  Energy costs are rising faster than ever before, making the reduction of energy consumption by businesses an increasingly more powerful competitive advantage.  CESCO Limited will help you take advantage of potential energy-saving opportunities through many various means.

We utilize the correct approach to carrying out an energy audit to measure your energy consumption for a given period.  After analyzing the data we pick the hugest demands of load and look at how we can reduce those loads using devices such as variable speed drives in the case of motors, daylight harvesting for lighting or even simple on/off timing switches.

Electrical Items in Jamaica | DataCom

CESCO Limited provides network connectivity for enterprise, data center, and residential applications, backed by the industry’s best service and support.  We ensure that our products and systems feature robust construction that reduces maintenance and downtime, and headroom that exceeds standards to boost network performance.

Owing to our rich industry experience, we provide construction, electrical, Datacom, lighting and energy management to our clients. our offered services are highly demanded in residential and commercial industries for various applications. we ensure that only optimum quality material and advanced techniques are used in the construction. further, we have sync with civil engineers who complete many projects and have wide knowledge about the market trend that helps us to provide accurate solutions for all the mine of the clients. moreover, we provide these services at market leading prices

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