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Sensors maximize energy savings by ensuring that lights are turned off or to a lower level when spaces are unoccupied or adequate daylight exists. WattStopper’s sensors provide convenient automatic-on or manual-on control and are packed with innovative features and options. Many models are available in line or low voltage, and wireless options, for flexibility in placement and wiring. Occupancy and vacancy sensors use passive infrared, ultrasonic and WattStopper’s patented dual technology. Daylighting sensors offer stand-alone, single-zone, switching or dimming control.

CESCO is pleased to introduce the WattStopper sensors that offers the most comprehensive portfolio of sensors from the highest performance wall switch and ceiling sensors to innovative daylighting control solutions. Our popular stand-alone lighting controls offer proven performance for virtually every application, whether at work or at home. And you can rely on WattStopper to help solve energy code compliance issues cost effectively.

Occupancy And Vacancy Sensors In Jamaica

Light sensors in Jamaica

Occupancy-based sensors maximize energy savings by ensuring that lights are turned off when spaces are unoccupied. Most occupancy sensors can be set for manual-on or automatic-on operation to meet energy code requirements incommercial spaces. Vacancy sensors are similar, but only allow manual-on operation, as required by certain energy codes, including California’s Title 24. WattStopper’s low-profile sensors are available in a choice of detection technologies to ensure optimal coverage in different types of spaces, and prevent false triggering. Many models are available in line or low voltage for flexibility in placement and wiring. Advanced sensor options include integral night lighting, dual relays for bi-level control, multi-way control and dimming capability.

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