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CESCO Limited Jamaica is pleased introduce the Sika line of products to the Jamaican market. Sika MaxTack Super Charged is an extremely fast curing grab adhesive which means items can be fixed in just 20 minutes eliminating the need for support – perfect for jobs where speed is of the essence. Delivers superb bonding strength in all weather conditions on a vast range of surfaces, even under water!

Sika MaxTack® is a multipurpose high strength, high initial grab adhesive for bonding building materials indoor and in sheltered outdoor areas.

Sika MaxTack® has strong adhesion on various porous materials such as concrete, mortar, fiber cement, wood and painted substrates or decorative pieces.
Sika MaxTack® is suitable to bond decorative parts as skirting board, wood frame, panel, terra cotta tile, anodised aluminium, hard PVC profiles, polystyrene moulding and panel, polystyrene ceiling tile, wood stick and moulding.

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Advantages                                                                                                               Bonds decorative elements like

  • Easy to use and good workability                                                               Skirting boards
  • Powerful grab properties (green strength)                                                     Decorative mouldings
  • Odouress                                                                                                  Wood frames etc
  • Paintable with any emulsion waterborne paint
  • Good workability
  • Nail free fixing
  • For interior use on wall and ceiling
  • For sheltered outdoor use on wall (canopy, balcony)
  • Over paintable by an emulsion waterborne paint
  • Bonds to a wide range of substrates

Notes on Application /Limitations
– Before bonding, check for good adhesion and resistance of the paints by carrying out a trial on an inconspicuous area.
– Paints need to fully harden and must be compatible with the adhesive.If there is a doubt, carry out pre-trials or remove the paint by dry sanding.
– One of the two surfaces must be porous or absorbent otherwise adhesive will not cure.
– Pre-test for over paintability and paint compatibility are recommended. In case of over coating Sika MaxTack® the compatibility must be tested individually on cured adhesive after 24 hours curing at +20°C.
– Do not use on easy corroding substrates like mild steel, iron, etc.
– Application during high temperature changes are not recommended (movements during the curing).
– Service conditions need to be stable (humidity, temperature) and not exceed the adhesive and substrates resistance.
– Optimum bonding after 48 hours curing at +20°C.
Do not use on plastified PVC, PE, PP, Teflon, plaster, aerated concrete, brick, galvanised steel ,treated metals,
powder coatings, oven dried paints, marble, natural stones, bituminous substrates, natural rubber, chloroprene, EPDM ,building
materials which might bleed oils, plasticisers or solvent. and certain plasticized synthetic materials ( carry out pre-trials ).

Do not use Sika MaxTack® :
– as glass sealer and on mirror
– on floor or sanitary joints
– in joints with water immersion or permanent high relative air humidity
– for structural bonding.

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