Gas Generators vs LPG Generators in Jamaica

lpg generators in jamaica

The question of the lips of majority of Jamaican consumers who are thinking about purchasing a standby power generator is this, “Is propane generator better than gas?”

Well, there’s a lot to consider when comparing these two fuel types, but for the most part, many people in the industry will attest to propane being the superior fuel when it comes to generators.

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The main thing to consider when talking about fuel types, is your geographic location. If you live in extremely cold climates, propane will not burn as efficient. Any temperature below 20 F will have your propane generator struggling to run, while a gasoline powered generator will not have this problem. Jamaica being in a tropical climate is an ideal choice for running LPG generators for your home, office etc.

LPG generators burn much cleaner than gasoline. No gummed up carburetors to deal with, no stale gas to worry about, and less costly maintenance to spend your money on. While propane generators do have more sophisticated fuel delivery systems, they’re generally maintenance free as propane is a very clean fuel. Propane also burns much cooler than gasoline, so less wear on critical engine components that could be costly to replace. You’ll also notice that your generator’s engine oil stays much cleaner for much longer also.

lpg generator being delivered in Jamaica west indies
Team CESCO about to deliver a LPG generator in Jamaica

Factors to consider about gasoline and LPG

Factors to Consider About Gasoline

  • One of the most common and accessible fuels right now
  • Can be expensive to purchase
  • It is toxic and pollutes air when burned
  • It spills or leaks easily and is extremely flammable
  • Gasoline has a short shelf life
  • Will emit some smoke while running

Factors to Consider About Propane

  • Commonly used for cooking outdoors on the BBQ grill in the warm weather.
  • Less likely to spill
  • Cleaner burning than gasoline.
  • Typically, quieter than gas generators
  • it costs about half as much as gasoline.
  • No electricity required to fill a propane tank
  • Can be stored indefinitely if the reservoir itself holds up which makes it easier to stock up on
  • It’s not as efficient as gasoline
  • Doesn’t work in colder climates below 20 degrees Fahrenheit
  • More complicated system with greater chance of failure and harder to fix when it breaks
  • If possible, get a generator that will run on either gasoline or propane for flexibility

LPG Generator delivery in Jamaica
Delivery of a LPG generator by team CESCO

LPG Is Cheaper Than Gasoline

A big thing when talking about gasoline vs LPG generators, is the cost of fuel. When you’re running your generator for 24 hours a day, day after day, you’re using a good amount of fuel in the process. Since propane costs roughly half the price of gasoline at the moment of writing this blog, you can enjoy 50% fuel savings. If you’re running your generator at full capacity for days on end, you could potentially save thousands of dollars simply by using propane.

Safety Tips And Precautions When Using Generators In Jamaica

  • Look for generators that include an automatic shut off as a feature
  • Generators that produce low emissions are safest such as LPG generators.
  • Be sure to consider maximum power and run time (how long will the generator run for)
  • Outlet warning—don’t plug into a household outlet as you could kill someone outside
  • Electrocution hazard—Always disconnect the house system from the grid before starting the generator to avoid electrocuting others working on the line.
  • Noise Danger-Generators can be noisy.
  • Use surge protector
  • Use 14-gauge extension cords
  • Carbon monoxide—use in a well-ventilated space to avoid poisoning. Run outside away from windows and doors. Speak with CESCO Limited about their carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Keep at least 10 feet from your home and avoid awnings, carports, or other coverings that could trap carbon monoxide fumes.
  • Do not use in attached garage as fumes can drift into the home

Diesel Generators


  • Diesel generators require less maintenance, resulting in a lower maintenance cost
  • The generators are sturdy, reliable and have a long lifespan
  • They are typically smaller in size when comparing similar capabilities of gas generators
  • Diesel generators are ideal for mobile, portable or rental applications in addition to stand-by power sources
  • They are fuel efficient when compared to the same volume of gas needed in gas generators
  • The generators are safer; the fuel is less flammable and less explosive
  • Tier 4 generators emit less particulate matter and nitrogen oxides compared to previous models

Petrol Generators


  • Most common for general use. It is relatively easy to use and repair as the use of this type of generator is relatively widespread.
  • More compact. Petrol generators are generally smaller in size and can be viewed as a more portable unit.
  • Stable. Petrol generators are very reliable and boast with minimal maintenance problems.

Cons Of Petrol & Diesel Generators

It is also important to understand the disadvantages and/or shortcomings of a product before a hefty investment. Cons associated with petrol generators:

  • Dangerous. Petrol generators could be dangerous if not used correctly as petrol is a volatile substance.
  • Large amount of emissions. Petrol generators are significantly worse for the environment than substitute options due to their high emission rate.

Cons Associated With Diesel Generators:

  • Noisy. If you are not using one of the latest diesel generators be prepared to invest in some ear plugs as well.
  • Initial cost is high. Setting up your diesel generator could be a very pricey affair.
  • Cost is affected by the fluctuations in diesel fuel prices.
  • Diesel generators tend to cost more due to Tier 4 regulations
  • Diesel generators are louder than their gas counterparts

CESCO Final Verdict – Is A LPG Generator Better Than Gas?

We’d have to say YES – in many ways propane is the superior fuel when it comes to operating your generator in Jamaica. It’s easily stored, burns cleaner, doesn’t go stagnant and will reduce operating costs significantly when running your generator for extended periods of time.

Contact CESCO today for more info on our range of LPG Generators in Jamaica West Indies.

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